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【ASMRエロ動画】 【R18・Binaural】Sexual エロ女子高生 Idols KirAlice's Seductive Activities~


*Binaural recording in Studio Quality*

Detail about this product:

Circle:しゃーぷ (Sharp)
Scenario:しゃーぷ (Sharp)
Voice Actress:陽向葵ゅか / みもりあいの (Yuka Hinata / Aino Mimori)


KirAlice is an H OK super slutty idol group.
Many fans and acquaintances have fallen victim to their voluptuous bodies.
Enjoy listening to KirAlice have creampie sex with VIP members, and become entranced by their seduction!

6 tracks recorded a Neumann KU100 for realistic binaural audio
+ Illustration & Script

Total playback: Approx. 1 hour 47 min
On/Off SFX versions included (SFX credited to Moon Possessed Pierrot, Mizinko)

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