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It's ASMR liquid sounds collection with fizzing, shaking and water drops sounds! :3 I prepared so many different sounds!
I hope you like them all. 🙂 The weather became so hot all of a sudden in Korea. :3 How about you? Take care of your health!
Have a good day!

00:06 preview
02:32 touching water with hand
06:08 water drops
08:51 water drops on a plastic board
12:33 air bubble in a water bottle with straw
13:49 air bubble in a water bottle with dropping pipettes
17:20 pouring water into a cup
21:13 shaking tequila
24:38 gargling bottle
25:42 2 oli bottles
30:36 2 aroma oli bottles
33:26 baby oil bottle
38:03 maple syrup bottle
42:00 toner bottle
47:23 water in test tube
49:26 2 sake bottles
53:11 liquid slimes
59:53 ice mugs
01:04:48 beverage with can
01:09:06 ice water
01:11:30 fizzing carbonated drink
01:13:48 fizzing beer
01:18:19 spraying with different sprayers

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