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【ASMRエロ動画】 [ASMR] 炭酸水をしゅわしゅわ、ぶくぶく Fizzing Sounds, Sparkling Water, Ice Cube [声なし-No Talking]


いつも以上に服のシワがひどいですが、お許しください(⌒-⌒; )苦笑

00:00 概要
01:03 炭酸水を注ぐ、しゅわしゅわ音
10:54 スポイトでぶくぶくさせる
25:19 炭酸水と氷 / スプーンでかき混ぜる
34:44 炭酸と氷にスポイトでぶくぶく






Hello everyone! It's Hatomugi 🙂
In this ASMR video, I will recording the sound of sparkling water.

00:00 Summary
01:03 Pouring, Fizzing Sounds
10:54 Blowing Bubbles with a Dropper
25:19 Sparkling Water + Ice Cube / Stirring with Spoons
34:44 Sparkling Water + Ice Cube + Dropper

Thank you all very much for your advice regarding the picture, thumbnail, etc. of the video I submitted the time before last.
I will do my absolute best to improve my video little by little on the basis of your advice.

One thing that your opinions gave particular attention to was a concern over the shadows of hands and other objects that I am moving.
In the interest of making shadows less conspicuous I have plans to purchase illumination equipment.
But I'm getting ahead of myself. Right now it's about my video, so I apologize.
If you have any advice about anything else in the future, please feel free to tell me! 😉

Thank you for watching this video.
I wish you a relaxing time.

*As it is a binaural recording, make sure to use headphones or earphones to enjoy the experience.


飲み物をグラスに注ぐ、飲む、混ぜる音、氷の音 Drinking, Ice Cubes & Soda (囁き声あり - whispering)

氷、飲み物、グラスの音 (囁き声あり - whispering)


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