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Nuru massage is a great technique for getting all those hard-to-reach places. It is a version of hot oil massage that lets the masseuse get very involved a feel out every nook and cranny, This is why hot oil massage is so great. It doesn't always have to be erotic but it will be very enjoyable. The masseuse uses hand expression with hot oil along the full body to make the client happy -- watch to the ending. A lot of girls ask me if they need to be nude or naked for the massage, but I say just do what is natural for you. Some wear thong underwear and I know a lesbi lesbian that always wears a beach bikini, and I suggest no bra (braless) so the masseur can get your back. If you wanna cover your boobs / breasts just use the sheet or towel. Enjoy the sensual masaje pijat.

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