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【ASMRエロ動画】 prolonged sitting for desk work---Anterior massage


suitable for clients who have poor posture.

0:00 origin of triceps/insert of tres major(leverage technique)
0:15 pec major
0:57 serratus anterior
1:40 stomach
2:10 Iliopsoas muscle
3:27 gracilis
4:13 rectus, tensor fasciae latae,
4:29 IT band/tensor fasciae latae release&semimembraneous

As a medical massage therapist I have many patients who like lying face up(or lying on their side) instead of facing down.
I improved my techniques to suit their needs by using leverage technique, manipulation. If you are massage therapist who wanna know how to massage clients with the clothes on, or massage clients who are face up, these movements give you a little hints of your session.

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